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Who Am I?

True Identity

Identity, Self, Spirit

Who do you THINK you are?

A picture outlined by a illusion

You are what you THINK

Observe the mind clearly, detach yourself from the thoughts

What do you observe?

Are there some thoughts you wish to dwell on, more than others

Is duality present, good/bad, positive/negative, confused/aware

You are the observer, of both, not one or the other is real

You KNOW when heaven has arrived on earth, when you will see beauty in the smallest leaf that falls from a tree

I know I am peace, present, and love

No longer does my analytical mind occupy my present moment existence

Of course it did at one time, practice makes better, RIGHT HERE AND NOW I'm free to hear the birds, free to see the four dimensions of clouds passing by, free to feel the sweet cool breeze come through the window, and free hear the safety of my breath as I sit in silence. I found peace, peace has come to take the place of the endless agenda/analyzing/strategizing/fear driven ideas of my thinking mind, I once lived.

Who Am I? I am no-one, no-thing, no-where, for stillness is my home. Gratitude is my offering.

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