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Learn and Grow: Characteristics of true learning

A good life is lived when you learn, grow, and evolve as a human being. Learning about oneself, others, love, patience, kindness. Releasing yourself of the ego, judgment, the need to be better, smarter, richer. I choose truth, rather than the crowd of Judge Judy's. I chose solitude than the masses of superficial, self-righteous, know it all's. Pretty judge-y myself, I've learned to no longer label or judge, I love them all like myself, no one is better than another, no one is more enlightened, lost, rich or poor, duality in my mind no longer exists. Situations in life are simply THERE..situations change, situations pass.."It is what it IS" we are simply on different levels of consciousness, through this road we call life.

One's brain fires and creates new energy circuits when you continue to learn throughout your lifetime. When I first moved out of my hometown, I had to unlearn the lessons of my family. Growing up with their beliefs, ideas, and cultural norms. The next decade went with a lot of unlearning and also with a purposeful focus of learning about myself. Living alone for over twenty-five years, I know THE good THE bad, and the BEAUTIFUL about myself, I allowed my natural ego's sense of duality come and go as naturally as possible. Never to stay for too long. It's part of life, not useful to give yourself a hard time or believing and listening to the judgments of others. Or, when it's good, no need to inflate yourself, brag, wishing for others to envy you because your sooo great, good grief, do you know who the ego is? I can introduce you, I have to go grab him, as he no longer is in charge here. If there is anything in the world I know is MYSELF. I once would get irritated when others told me who I am, my ego would love it, I could create a dialogue in my head in silence externally. "I'm the only who lives alone, the one who purposely learns lessons, the one who takes the risk, the one who endured the judgments of others due to sadness, pain, loneliness, and confusion of PAST experiences. I KNOW MYSELF, the ego would say, never out loud, I was aware enough not to share. I allowed them to judge, from within I would laugh and smile. I had self-control back then, but the THINKING MIND (ego) did occupy my head longer than I hoped.

I have purposely lived a life of learning and growing, healing, and loving. In hopes to return the lessons to others in love and light. I'm a person who lives life like a child, playing and giggling. I'm not saying those who haven't purposely dedicated their lives to learning and growing, are less. I've come to learn, no one is better than anyone else. I am no-one, no-where, no-thing. Yet, these are the very people who must inflate themselves by putting you down. Throughout my life I've awakened to lessons in life, one piling on the top of the other, with each awakened life lesson, I'm a bit freer, a bit more patient, and a bit more understanding. I determined my destiny by dreaming like a kid, I continue to dream as I type. I picture it clearly, how it would feel, details of blessings presently alive. I'm humbled and blessed to experience the beauty of dreams come a true time, and time again. The manifestation of my wildest dreams has come pass. Some may say I don't have much, in my eyes, I overwhelmed with favor.

A natural state of being takes place when you find peace, love, and joy. I lived ego, I searched outside of myself, I counted on others for my happiness. I learned through pain, and when the pain dropped me to my knees. I flipped the script to LOVE, love for myself, love for others, loving no matter what occurs. It took a while to undo the madness of my childhood and young adulthood. I made it out and I don't know exactly when, but the next thing I knew, I was joyful all the time. I no longer had to try to show happiness when others hurt me on purpose, act joyful when I was the butt of the joke, or live peacefully in the midst of chaos. I learned that I create my destiny, never feeling the need to defend myself, it came in one ear and out the other. I dictate my life, I am self-reliant, I came to love myself, I came to understand others and "NOT TAKE IT PERSONALLY" people who act shitty feel shitty. I quietly walk away, I learned compassion, I don't want to hurt others even more as they already feel shitty, you could see it in their behaviors. Who am I to tell others how to behave. You honor yourself, you honor others, no way can you cause pain. The best I could do is set an example of Love, TRUE LOVE........REAL LOVE..... UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.....FOR ALL SWEET SOULS.... NOT SOME.... EVERYONE....

All this so-called wisdom.... How many I's did you count. Chaz can I introduce you to the ego. So aware.

All the I's in my life are impossible without DIVINE INTERVENTION, I AM GRATEFUL and BLESSED :)

Growing and Learning throughout life, with LOVE at the forefront can't fail, as for the rest, all will fall into place, remain FAITHFUL.


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