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Social Media-Students, Teachers, and Use

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Social Media can be a distraction in a class. Yet, the use of social media or smartphones can be useful in relaying information to students. The students have an easy and efficient way to access information, share data, or collaborate with other students for a class assignment. It is the responsibility of the teacher to assign a project appropriately. Students must stay focused while in class and prevent the distraction of non-academic use of technology while under their watch. The behaviors of your students can be disciplined, and guidance is needed, as some students may not have that at home. Creating a structured learning environment while providing information in a way students come to enjoy learning is essential. I like the idea of student learning style; students take responsibility for their own learning process. Overall, I believe social media has a positive impact on students if you can prevent cyber-bullying, addiction, or possibly low self-esteem. In education, I find the use of technology provides variety to the learning process along with providing a faster, more efficient way of gather information. Students today have more access to information.

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