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A Professionals Take on Technology

Updated: Sep 5, 2020

In the first few years of working life, I worked in a variety of companies, working within different departments. I would often get bored; this was because it was not a purpose in life. Eventually, working professionally from the mail/file room to upper-graduate university as an academic program coordinator overseeing two masters and four doctoral curriculum's in industrial-organizational psychology. I have a knack of learning technology easily and quickly. I spent over twenty years working in offices; with every different job, there was a new system, new procedures, and new technology to be learned professionally. I became an office guru.

Technology aided my schooling, such as power-point, excel, pdf’s, transferring information from different formats, and manipulating electronics and technology to get the job done efficiently. In learning new updated technology comes with every new phone I buy, I have to relearn the buttons all over, as I do not have an iPhone. I currently have two computers and four monitors; it helps with research and writing. I like to play with electronics and technology as I also have a collection of gadgets. Here is the funny part; I am rarely on social media; it is a disservice business-wise, marketing. I find people are obsessed with phones and stop living life, life goes by, and one’s head is down.

Technology is an excellent addition as a teacher, instructor, or leader. I once used to use a watch to time exercise intervals. Now, an application is downloaded on a tablet, with a voice countdown, freeing time to focus on coaching and correcting form. Fifteen years ago, I was at twenty-eight classes a week, never knowing when the stereo at different facilities would be in working condition. I now bring a personal Bluetooth speaker, guaranteeing music, not having to fuss with equipment. Personal excitement comes over the future as I know there will be a gadget making my professional life more manageable.

One must continue to learn and not fear new technology. Learning is good for the brain, feeding the mind with new information must be continued. In regards to a generational gap, professionals must keep open-minded as we are never too old to ask questions and learn something new. I am open to what the future will bring in speaking of technology.

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